Stagione d'Opera e Teatrale 2015–16

ADI Design Index 2016 selected project – The project is part of an ongoing collaboration with an historical Italian theatre, the Teatro Fraschini of Pavia, founded in the 1772. We have been worked closely with the institution's staff to create a total renewed identity emphasizing fascination of the opera mixing a contemporary touch – made by simple elements – and rigorous typographical approach, without forget the new ways of the performing art.

Wayfinding for Palazzo Lombardia

Palazzo Lombardia is the new head office of Regione Lombardia in Milan. Designed by Pei-Cobb and partners from New York, it is made by a vast lower building (8 floors) for the main offices and a 36 floors tower.
We were hired by Infrastrutture Lombarde to design the identity and the wayfinding system for the building, working together with the interior design architects both under the art direction by Pei-Cobb studio.

Mamoli website

Translated in 5 languages and with a new optimized database for more than 1.000 products, the new Mamoli website is completely responsive to be easly navigated with any device, and optimized for retina displays.

GAS Identity and Website

Games Are Social (GAS) is a company established by a solid group of investors and entrepreneurs, with an outstanding background in on-line entertainment and social games.
We defined a corporate image with bespoke lettering for the logotype and a single-page responsive website.

Viral Video the book

«Viral Video» is an essay about the most advanced techniques for making viral videos by Dario Caiazzo, Andrea Febbraio and Umberto Lisiero, published by Lupetti Logo Editore. We designed the layout, the illustrations and all the infographics for the book.

Mufoco Educational Department

The educational department promotes the knowledge of photography through the Museum's photographic heritage, its exhibitions and some special projects - the aim is to transform the Museum into a place for meeting, learning and research.
In collaboration with the educational department we designed a range of materials to describe the purposes and results of his activity.

Marino Marini: Cavalli e Cavalieri

Cavalli e Cavalieri is an exhibition produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Nuoro (MAN), curated by Lorenzo Giusti and Alberto Salvadori, dedicated to the work of the sculptor Marino Marini.
The museum presented the works of eight contemporary video artists alongside the main exhibition. We designed the identity and catalogue of the exhibition.

Konica Minolta headquarter in Milan

Konica Minolta recently moved to a new location in Milan. Studio TM, in charge of the interior design, called us to work together to create a coherent visual identity for the offices. We designed different geometrical patterns to be applied to the partition walls for privacy and decoration. The same drawing on the main entrance to the building makes it visible from afar. We made a customized design for the signals that help employees and clients navigate through the different floors.


Digitype is a single weight typeface designed for Gioco Digitale, focusing on the conversion of the lettershapes into pixels. It has been used for the games interface and for promotional purpose. Project developed with Cinetype.

MSF Crisi Dimenticate website

Every year with the publication of its "Top Ten" Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), together with Osservatorio di Pavia – Media Research, spotlights 10 humanitarian crisis that have received little or no attention from the media.
In 2010 we designed a dedicate website, now offline.